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New Maintenance Services Experience

We have updated our maintenance services experience with a brand new web page & functionality


We have updated the entire functionality of our maintenance services.

To begin with, we now offer our maintenance technologies as a separate service that can be found here. This allows us to serve more customers and be more flexible with the maintenance features on any website, service, or application.

Payment Changes

We’ve also changed the checkout & payment procedure. Through our partnership with “Stripe”, we are now able to provide more payment gateways and automatically renew the maintenance subscription without requiring our customers to deposit the payment into our business bank account, saving them a… ton of time.

New 'Plus' Packages

We are excited to introduce our brand new ‘Plus’ packages. We’ve decided to separate our 2 most popular maintenance services into 2 different packages. This change allows our customers to pick the package that fits best their projects and remove any extra services & features they do not need, saving them some money in the long term. 

New Services

Lastly, we are planning on expanding our maintenance services by adding 2 new services in the following month.

The new services will focus on Search Engine Optimization and the analytics of our customer’s websites, services & applications. We will be integrating them into our custom website dashboards and in our customer care platform to make them easily accessible to everyone.